Lisbon Bible Scabbard

This scabbard was made for a client who will use it for living history. His focus is the late 15th century in the Holy Roman Empire. He asked about the possibility of using period decorations that had a connection to his Jewish identity that would be subtle enough not to stand out (given the mistreatment of Jewish people at that period and place).

I tooled the leather with floral pomegranate designs that are directly copied from a page in the Lisbon Bible, a beautifully decorated 15th century Hebrew codex (currently housed at the British Library). The designs are generic enough of medieval artwork that no one would think twice about their meaning, yet they connect the owner to a very important Hebrew manuscript.

The scabbard has leather over a poplar core fitted around an Albion Earl and with a bronze chape from Tod Cutler. Space was left for the client to attach his own belt rigging.

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