“Armagh Satchel” Scabbard

This scabbard has a poplar core, covered in tooled leather dyed green. The brass fittings were made by myself, and the bronze chape and belt buckles were made by Tod Cutler. The leather tooling designs come directly from an Irish artifact known as the “Armagh Satchel”. The client had initially asked me if it wereContinue reading ““Armagh Satchel” Scabbard”

St Mark’s Basilica Scabbard

This asymmetrical scabbard is for an Albion Doge. The sword is based on a small group of original 15th century ones unique to Venice (currently in the Doge’s Palace), and they have a small “spur” on the false edge. This birch ply cored scabbard needed to be constructed in a way that accommodated the unusualContinue reading “St Mark’s Basilica Scabbard”

Gothic Scabbard

This scabbard is for an Albion Munich. The Munich is heavily based on a famous longsword resting in the Bavarian National Museum in Munich. I used a vine-like pattern inspired by the original scabbard as well as period imagery of similar looking scabbards from the late 15th/early 16th century Holy Roman Empire. The black/red combinationContinue reading “Gothic Scabbard”

“Robin of Sherwood” Scabbard

Today the “Historical” part of my handcrafts means the distant era of the 1980s. This scabbard is for the Albion replica from the series “Robin of Sherwood”, a Robin Hood TV series from 1984-86. The show did not have a specific scabbard for this magical sword, so the client asked for me to be creativeContinue reading ““Robin of Sherwood” Scabbard”

Lisbon Bible Scabbard

This scabbard was made for a client who will use it for living history. His focus is the late 15th century in the Holy Roman Empire. He asked about the possibility of using period decorations that had a connection to his Jewish identity that would be subtle enough not to stand out (given the mistreatmentContinue reading “Lisbon Bible Scabbard”

Scabbard Price Sheet

DISCLAIMERS (and transparency on how I keep my prices lower) I need the sword in hand, which means that you need to not only pay to ship it, but to pay for the insurance. Likewise, I will charge you for shipping + insurance, and can’t be held responsible for the negligence of the mail carrierContinue reading “Scabbard Price Sheet”