Scabbard Price Sheet

DISCLAIMERS (and transparency on how I keep my prices lower)

  1. I need the sword in hand, which means that you need to insure the ever-loving-bejeezus out of it when shipping it.
  2. Although I think my scabbards are very good, the construction isn’t the same level of precision of higher end craftsmen (Like Christian Fletcher or DBK). I’m priced accordingly. I use very little power tools, and you will see irregularities and wavy lines. I personally like the handmade look, but you just need to know what to expect before hand.
  3. I use the “sandwich” method of forming two thin slats of wood around the blade, and then I also wrap them in linen and adhesive for extra strength before covering it with leather. Many other makers hand chisel the cores. I can do this, but it is much more time consuming and therefore I will have to charge you more. Chiseling has the potential to be stronger (but only if done well); My method is still very strong. Again, know what to expect ahead of time.
  4. My leather covers are glued on rather than stitched, which helps me keep the price down. Technically stitching is less likely to come undone, but in my opinion there is very little difference (and it was sometimes done historically).
  5. At the moment, I don’t do curved swords. I have too much trouble getting them to fit right, and until I get better, I won’t be taking your money for them.
  6. Wait times will vary based on how busy I get. I’m a full time dad, first and foremost. I will try to be upfront with you about when I can start your sword, and once I start, I typically can be done within a month. If I have commissions ahead of you in the queue, I’ll let you know ahead of time.
  7. Prices below are guidelines, not final. When you contact me, give me a basic idea of what you’re after, and we’ll talk about details and decorations first, and I’ll give you a quote. I’ll do a sketch for your approval. You don’t pay me until I’m done (although I’ll technically be hanging onto your expensive sword as collateral in the meantime…)


Prices below don’t reflect shipping/insurance, nor do they include the cost of any third party items (e.g. chapes and bucklers). Third party items will just be tacked onto the final cost, and I charge you exactly what I pay for them.

-Basic, poplar core, leather wrapped scabbard with no decorations but dyed to the color of your choice: $300 (possibly a little more if there’s something unusual about your blade shape that causes me extra work)

-Tooled and decorated leather: additional $275ish, depending on complexity (could be more or less, but this amount is typical of most of the decorations displayed on the site)

-Basic belt rig: additional $125 plus the cost of any additional hardware beyond a basic buckle

-Fancy decorated belt rig: additional $225 plus the cost of any additional hardware beyond a basic buckle

-Integral 13th/14th century style belt rig: +$225 + cost of any additional hardware beyond a basic buckle

So for example, a basic scabbard is $300, but if you wanted a chape from a third party vendor that cost $100, then the total would be $400.

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