“Robin of Sherwood” Scabbard

Today the “Historical” part of my handcrafts means the distant era of the 1980s. This scabbard is for the Albion replica from the series “Robin of Sherwood”, a Robin Hood TV series from 1984-86. The show did not have a specific scabbard for this magical sword, so the client asked for me to be creative with something that would feel right.

The face of the scabbard is tooled and painted with images relating to the show. The deer head reflects the garb of Herne the Hunter; the heart “rune” mirrors the one engraved on the sword blade; the oak motif is because Sherwood Forrest is known for its oak trees. At the mouth of the scabbard is a brass decoration that is meant to subtly imply the look of an arrowhead.

The scabbard is made of poplar wrapped in linen and veg tanned leather. It has an integral belt made of elk. The bronze chape is made by Tod Cutler.

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