St Mark’s Basilica Scabbard

This asymmetrical scabbard is for an Albion Doge. The sword is based on a small group of original 15th century ones unique to Venice (currently in the Doge’s Palace), and they have a small “spur” on the false edge. This birch ply cored scabbard needed to be constructed in a way that accommodated the unusual blade shape.

In addition to the asymmetrical form, the client wanted distinctly Venetian decorations to match such a distinctly Venetian sword, and what is more Venetian than the Lion of Saint Mark? I tooled and decorated the leather covering to give the impression of one of my favorite landmarks in the world, the Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark. The gable of the Basilica has a golden lion on a blue field marked with gold stars, and is flanked by angels with golden wings holding gold incense burners. I tooled the decorations onto the scabbard and used oil paint for the blue field, silver leaf for the angels and border, and gold leaf for the stars, lion and angel details.

The brass locket was made by myself to mimic the arches of the basilica. The chape was made by Tod Cutler.

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