“The Great Hunt” Casket

This red oak box was reclaimed from a hardwood floor. The hunting themed carvings are heavily inspired by a 15th century German bone-carved piece that I’ve long admired at the Walters Art Museum (you can compare it to the original here: https://art.thewalters.org/detail/9461/box-for-board-games/ ). Mine is not an exact recreation, though my carvings are meant to mimic the style very closely. I made everything from scratch, including the steel hinges and fittings.

When opened, it shows a bright vibrant painting of a unicorn. Variations of the unicorn hunt theme were popular throughout medieval art and literature, sometimes believed to be allegorical, sometimes fantastical, and sometimes religious. I attempted to capture a period aesthetic with an austere wooden outer, then visually striking the eyes when opening the lid with the almost garish and gaudy bright colors hidden within. The gold leaf captures the look of expensive art from the middle ages. The gold sadly doesn’t photograph well, but trust me, it gleams in person. This would make a great case for crossbow bolts, though obviously it can hold anything that fits.

The box is treated with tung oil and then buffed to a light sheen with a generous amount of Renaissance Wax to help protect it (it looks identical to period beeswax, but is much more protective). Although it is a fully functional box, it should be understood that it is also meant to be art. The decorations are not indestructible; The metal fittings can rust if wet, and the paint can scratch if treated roughly.

5 inches tall
12 ¾ inches wide
5 ¾ inches long
10 3/16 inches wide
3 7/8 inches long
2 7/8 inches tall

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