Blue Regent

The owner of this Albion Regent longsword wanted a scabbard, but also wanted the grip rewrapped with a matching blue leather. The scabbard is decorated with moderately simple straight geometric lines, and is contrasted by the more organic and ornate vine decorations. The scabbard is poplar wrapped with linen and then leather. Fittings and beltContinue reading “Blue Regent”

Cedar and Oak Carved Box

A wooden box that was a gift to my wife’s parents. They’d given me some extra cedar logs from building their personal cabin. I split one log then hand sawed and planed it into the lumber that was used on the walls of this box, done entirely without power tools, including hand cut dovetail joints.Continue reading “Cedar and Oak Carved Box”

Monogrammed Carved Chest

A modern oak blanket chest with baroque-styled carvings. The clients in this case are my parents, who commissioned it as an heirloom piece with the intent of one day passing it down to my son. I ended up surprising them with it for Christmas instead of taking their money. A major part of this projectContinue reading “Monogrammed Carved Chest”

Gothic Arches Scabbard

The wooden core of this scabbard was not made by me, but by Arms and Armor for this custom longsword that they made. The client came to me in need of a replacement for the leather cover, but still wanted to reuse the original core and the original steel chape. I did so and tooledContinue reading “Gothic Arches Scabbard”

Restored 1950’s Dollhouse

My wife Andrea restored this antique dollhouse and did an AMAZING job! She’s selling it on Facebook marketplace, but you should check out the pictures here! I’m incredibly proud of the work she put into this, and believe me, it was a LOT of work!

Saint Catherine Scabbard

This scabbard is made for an Albion Talhoffer. It is poplar wrapped in linen and glue, and then wrapped again in leather and dyed red. The design features Saint Catherine of Alexandria. It is loosely based on an anonymous German woodcut, circa 1470-80, although the image was modified here to fit the different medium.

Gothic Scabbard

This scabbard is for an Albion Munich. The Munich is heavily based on a famous longsword resting in the Bavarian National Museum in Munich. I used a vine-like pattern inspired by the original scabbard as well as period imagery of similar looking scabbards from the late 15th/early 16th century Holy Roman Empire. The black/red combinationContinue reading “Gothic Scabbard”

Edward III Scabbard

This scabbard is for an Arms and Armor Edward III Sword. The original that it is based on has the symbol of the Order of the Garter on the blade, and the scabbard mimics this insignia tooled into the leather and covered with gold leaf. The symbol is flipped on the scabbard vs the blade,Continue reading “Edward III Scabbard”


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