Bolle Scabbard

There’s an old German folk song about a man named Bolle. In it, our protagonist makes a series of very poor life choices, including losing his child in a crowd, drinking all of the beer at the fair and getting into a knife fight. When he returns home disheveled his wife beats him. At theContinue reading “Bolle Scabbard”

Bird in Foliage Scabbard

A recurring image in medieval marginalia is flowing vines and flowers. Occasionally one will see various animals painted in the foliage, and birds were very often used. The client of this scabbard requested that I use that as the inspiration for the decoration seen here. The tip was left bare without a metal chape (whichContinue reading “Bird in Foliage Scabbard”

Bishop Saints Box

This replica of a 15th century French box will be finished by the client, a highly talented smith who will make the fancy lock and hinges. The original was sold through Marham Church Antiques. I attempted to match the dimensions, carvings and painting as close as I could, though the original was missing sections ofContinue reading “Bishop Saints Box”

Floral Border Scabbard

The client of this scabbard requested an integrated period belt with a leather that, without dyes or paints, was light enough to be nearly white, a la the “white belt of knighthood.” I used alum tanned leather, which was used in the medieval era, and produces a very pale hide. The decorations were tooled andContinue reading “Floral Border Scabbard”

Family Crest Scabbard

The owner of this longsword wanted his family crest displayed on the scabbard. I tooled it into the leather and applied gold leaf. When I made the brass lockets, I also hand engraved the letter “b” into the upper one, the client’s monogram. The poplar core was carved to mimic the transition of the blade’sContinue reading “Family Crest Scabbard”

Blue Regent

The owner of this Albion Regent longsword wanted a scabbard, but also wanted the grip rewrapped with a matching blue leather. The scabbard is decorated with moderately simple straight geometric lines, and is contrasted by the more organic and ornate vine decorations. The scabbard is poplar wrapped with linen and then leather. Fittings and beltContinue reading “Blue Regent”

Cedar and Oak Carved Box

A wooden box that was a gift to my wife’s parents. They’d given me some extra cedar logs from building their personal cabin. I split one log then hand sawed and planed it into the lumber that was used on the walls of this box, done entirely without power tools, including hand cut dovetail joints.Continue reading “Cedar and Oak Carved Box”


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